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Please add at least three photographs of your damage. Make sure to include two detailed photos from different angles, and one overview photograph that clearly shows all damaged and surrounding parts.

Photo Guide
Overview photo

Take this photograph from a distance. Make sure that the photo clearly shows the damage and its surrounding parts.

Photo Guide
Detailed photo

Take this photograph at eye level, while keeping a distance of approximately one metre.

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Detail photo (another angle)

Take this photograph from another angle, while keeping a distance of approximately one metre.

Photo Guide
License disk Photo

Take a clear photo of your license disk.

Damage & accident description

Please give a detailed description of the damage and the incident.

Include at least:
  • The location of the damage (e.g. left front door, left side skirt) and the number of damaged parts.
  • The type of damage (e.g. scratch, dent or a broken part).
  • The type and size of the damage (e.g. 4cm scratch).
  • A description of the incident.

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Please fill in your contact details and the postcode of the area wherein you would like your car to be repaired.

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